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The Action Centre

The Action Centre is where you can start your journey to Preparation, Planning and Protection. Get access to ebooks, podcasts and weekly wisdom to help you stay in control of your separation.

How To Tell Your Partner, You No Longer Want To Be Married.

Do you have any idea where to start in telling your partner you want to separate? Worried about the consequences?  In this FREE video series, Tanya will walk you through the tools she teachers her students in 5STASD ( Five Steps To A Seamless Divorce).

EBook - The Jelly Bean Jar (Empowering Independence Through Divorce)

In The Jelly Bean Jar, Tanya reveals her blueprint for a successful divorce, from dealing with professionals to save money and time. The best questions to ask, and the trick and tools to set yourself up for future success and independence.

Trello Divorce Template

Beyond this page, you will find one of the greatest success tools in my client's toolbox.  My Trello template used by my 5 Steps To A Seamless Divorce clients. Prevent overwhelm by being organised, prepared and always up to date, at the tips of your fingers.

Divorce Roadmap

STOP RIGHT THERE! If you are like most people, you have no idea where to start and how to protect yourself during a divorce. It's obvious that you've realised that you don't want to be like others, but rather PREPARED, PLANNED AND PROTECTED. Right now is not the time to make unnecessary mistakes.

RestoreMe Five Week Program

Restore ME is a revolutionary five-week deeply engaging experience.

How you will discover how to remove feelings of confusion, inaction and overwhelm and replace them with clarity and confidence as you uncover your greater purpose.

I promise!

You will soon realise that Restore ME provides a clear, actionable process that helps you transform your life from the inside out.

And abracadabra, then sit back and watch the magic happen because your life will be forever changed.

Five Steps To A Seamless Divorce

Looking to Survive your Separation as Seamlessly as possible? Then preparation, planning and protection are the keys. I'II show you how to complete all your due diligence, interview questions on how to choose the right lawyer, put together a future financial plan and much more.

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