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Divorce Roadmap

Divorce Roadmap

Research and evidence show that people who have costly, disastrous divorces, normally are unprepared and have no PLAN. It’s like being anchorless in a rough sea.

Eventually, the lack of knowledge and experience has them spending much more than necessary on legal fees and their relationship with their ‘ex’ turns to tatters and then everyone suffers.

They don't know where to start, what resources are required, and have this extreme feeling of being lost and alone. When it comes to hiring a lawyer they don't fully comprehend the importance of engaging the right person, even though they think they do. Their emotions take over their decisions and they lay awake at night worrying about their future and if they can do this or should they reconsider. They're conscious of a continual thought….’ How did I find myself in this position?’

These people are who I call the ‘struggling separated’.

It is like driving on a dilapidated country road, at midnight, with no headlights on your car. The journey takes longer than necessary, danger could be around the next bend and you have a sense of FEAR and DREAD the entire drive...... A recipe for disaster.

On the contrary, you may have noticed successful divorcees are knowledgeable. They have insight into the legal system and a strategy to follow. They stick to the plan wherever possible and limit their costs and exposure.

A client recently told me when interviewing a prospective lawyer, “I was in total control of the meeting. I knew the questions to ask, the answers I wanted to hear and because we had worked on my plan, I was able to control the direction our meeting took. I can’t thank you enough just for this feeling of certainty, in what is such an uncertain time.” In other words, their anchor was firmly placed in the oceans seabed. 

This client has moved from STRUGGLING SEPARATED to CLO in a matter of weeks.

Now a CLO (Chief Life Officer) thinks differently. They don't follow the herd and do what others before them have done. They’ve listened and know the divorce system is broken and it’s not something they want to be part of, until absolutely necessary. With risk mitigation in place, they stand out from the crowd, are in control, when others in the same situation are cast away. They realise they need structured thinking to help with life alignment.

A Divorce Roadmap is how they achieve that. Via a collection of data, and questions a lawyer will not ask, which hold the key to a successful life and limit your struggle. It will fill the void of information and knowledge you currently don't hold and open your mind to questions and possibilities, allowing for peace, power and prosperity.

Because ‘Divorce is so much more than going to a Lawyer’

A Divorce Roadmap also forms part of 5STASD (5 Steps To A Seamless Divorce,) it’s our framework, our structure, our lighthouse in a stormy night. It is the critical piece to take you from Worrier to Warrior.

If you would like to know more, book in for a clarity call or let's simply get started.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Past

 Relationship History

 Legal(Family Law Questionnaire)

  •     Preparation

Uncovering Your Greatest Struggles

  •   Planning

Possible Risks and Issues

  •   Protection

Next Steps

  •     Prosperity

You may or may not know but a tremendous ripple effect will occur in your life allowing you to experience transformation if you trust yourself in making the best decisions for you and your future. 

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