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The Covert Divorce Plan

The Covert Divorce Plan

Nine out of 10 people, we talk to have never spoken with a lawyer in their life….until they separate from their partner?

They are vulnerable, lost and alone AND unfortunately terribly naive. Having never spoken with a lawyer before, they feel intimidated and outside of their comfort zone. Which by the way is 100% understandable.

The language and legal terms Lawyers use make it seem like they are smarter and wiser. When in fact they are just another human being, doing their job. And here's where my experience, can help YOU because I've learnt that lawyers fall into these two categories;

Those that want to help and limit cost, but have clients who are so ill-prepared, unorganised and emotionally-driven that they run-up costs because of the turmoil their life has become.

 Or ......

Those lawyers who simply want their clients to be ignorant of the system and run-up billable hours when at the time the client thinks they are sincere and surely won’t charge for a chat or a quick email. That’s until the bill arrives and the client needs to take out a second mortgage to pay.

Ask yourself, do you have the know-how to prevent this happening to you?

Imagine if you knew the questions YOUR lawyer would ask and had some idea of how to be better PREPARED, surely for the first time during this horrid experience you would feel in COMMAND of this initial stage. 

There is a difference between KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING…... ‘how to get a divorce’. Just like a child riding a bike for the first time.  Knowing how to ride a bike, because you have watched others and think it will be easy. Until you jump on and realise balance and coordination are key to forward momentum and training wheels may be a good idea for a short period of time. To have ridden for one thousand hours and not even think about the steps involved to jump the kerb.

So in ‘The Covert Divorce Plan’, I will help you fully UNDERSTAND why being prepared and organised with critical information will put you leaps and bounds, in front of your potential ‘Ex’. And assist you to manage your legal meeting, and place you in a powerful position.

I will take you through the disclosure all lawyers will NEED. With a workbook and video for each of the 7 lessons. Helping you to better understand why this information is critical to your success. How to put it all together in a simple format and present it at your legal meeting.

One Lawyer recently said 'It can take myself and my staff up to 10 hours to get this from a client and you Tanya are teaching people to be a step ahead. This will save them a fortune in fees and us valuable time, so we can get started straight away.

If a lawyer was to do this for you, expect to pay at an average of $450.00 @ hour, with a minimum of two-three hours work up to ten.  That equates to THOUSANDS, which will be better off in your pocket…...being spent on your future.

For the moment forget about how much your partner hurt you and your unhappiness and start preparing for your future.

So, I don’t need to tell you that for just $49USD, The Covert Divorce Plan, is a no brainer. But don’t take my word for it, experience it yourself. 

9 Modules

Introduction Video

A relationship breakup is never easy, but dividing assets and time with children can be a complex situation. That is what you are lead to believe, however being organised and informed can simplify this confusion and save you thousands.

Lesson One - Relationship History

Outline your relationship via a brief factual synopsis. This will help your solicitor at a glance understand your personal circumstances. 

Lesson Two - Personal Details

Documenting personal details of you and your partner.

Lesson Three - Income Details

Understanding income over the term of your relationship and future needs.

Lesson Four - Contribution Of Parties

Outlining who brought what into your relationship

Lesson Five - Assets Of The Relationship

Assets don't just mean a house, it can also include cars, boats, sporting equipment, business values, house and content, etc.

Lesson Six - Liabilities and Retirement Fund

Liabilities are debts and in most cases will need to be paid out. 

Retirement Fund Values for both parties.

Lesson Seven - How To Use This Information To Save Money And Control Your Future

Now here is where we bring all this information and hard work together. If you want to save thousands in legal fees, let's take these next steps. 

Inside of My Network - A trusted advisor tells you the benefit of presenting 'The Covert Divorce Plan' to your legal presentative

One lawyer sharing her years of experience to help you save money and be better prepared.

Modules for this product 9
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