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RestoreMe Five Week Program

RestoreMe Five Week Program

Restore ME is a revolutionary five - week deeply engaging experience

That will remove feelings of confusion, inaction and overwhelm and replace them with clarity and confidence as you uncover your greater purpose. I promise!

Restore ME provides a clear, actionable process that helps you transform your life from the inside out.

And abracadabra, sit back and watch the magic happen because your life will be forever different.

Not only that, I'll happily share with you my go to ‘when shit gets real’ “Self Alignment Method’ (very original, right!) to not only help you uncover the stories and limiting belief holding you back, but replace them with new stories that take you where you want to go.

Best thing is, once you’re learned this Method you’ll be able to apply it again and again and again in your life and even teach it to your kids! And, even this process alone will set you free from all the circumstances that have been holding you back!

Understanding what motivates me will help me to make more powerful choices that create more fulfilment and alignment in my life.

Here’s how I’m going to help you start transforming your life

Five weeks of lessons + live coaching + worksheets plus heaps of support inside our private Facebook Group.

All the content has been created with YOU in mind. New information delivered clearly and with practical actions to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Lots of access to me, a safe space to ask a question and a community of women who are ready to take control and reclaim themselves while taking their life to a new level.

Let’s break it down…


6 Modules

Old ME

In our first week you’ll learn the secrets to how your brain literally works against you to create change and exactly how to manage that !

Other topics covered include:

  • Being a ‘meaning making machine’ and how to stop torturing yourself.
  • Why to never trust your negative thoughts.
  • Why you feel unhappy and how to be happy way more often.

Unknown ME

In our Deep Dive week, we are delving into all the stories that are keeping you stuck. You will bring to the surface cheeky hidden sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that you have taken as truth.

You will understand how you Values, guide your decisions and why things haven't been working as they should.

Get Unstuck ME

Get ready for the ultimate change in your life and relationship.

This is where the magic happens and you now have a magnifying glass on what has been keeping you stuck.

IMPORTANT! Regarding the subconscious reprogramming training.

Just watch it - DO NOT buy any suggested audios at the end, etc.

I have an audio I'm going to give you guys later in the week. I will show you how to “put it all together" on next Wednesday's call.

- Tanya

Modules for this product 6
Restore ME !

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